Recipe For Success
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Kitchen Design Evaluation
Is your equipment positioned to offer you the most efficient use of space? We also check for service and wear issues.
Professor Profit Builder - to work for you
We'll show you how to purchase as well as the Multi-units do. Benefit from years of experience with the Major players in
foodservice distribution. Make your dollars count.
We are pleased to offer a seasoned professional for your interior and exterior design with award winning websites as well.

Proper portion control
Don’t have an employee handbook? We can get you started with a great spreadsheet to make this one of your best practices.

Mock Kitchen Inspections
For a modest fee let us start another best practice for you and follow up with important recommendations.

Menu design
We have the tools and spreadsheets to help you validate your costs and put more gross profit dollars in your pocket.

Wait staff training
We will show your wait staff how to be sales reps for your menu and put more money in everyone’s pockets.

Website design and upgrade
Do you like mine?  We will customize and build you a website that sells your story.
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